We have been in the travel industry since 2007 with the name of Swaminarayan travel and initiated English training in 2014 and the Visa and Immigration service since 2018. We have offices in Ahmedabad, Botad, and Mumbai. We also have representative offices in Canada and UK.

We are providing IELTS, PTE and English Spoken Teaching services with result-oriented training to the student which we have a good source of students streaming through. Besides this, we regularly conduct awareness lectures and interactive seminars where we enlighten clients about the opportunities abroad.

Our Team

Mr Jagdsih Haniya

Mr Jagdish Haniya is a founder and managing director of Study Express, has more than 5+ years of experience in this industry. He manages all over the operation from India for Study permits and immigration.

Mr Jayesh Patel

Mr Jayesh Patel is a Canadian citizen is a Management Graduate with accounts, has more than 2+ years of experience in this industry. He oversees operations in Canada and USA study permits and immigration.

Ms Ghata Nayak

Ms Ghata Nayak is a Commerce and Management Graduate, has more than 3+ years of experience in this industry. He oversees operations involving Europe, Australia and New Zealand study permits and immigration

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